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Branches of Wing Chun

Branches of Wing Chun

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The different Branches of Wing Chun ((aka WingTsun), (Ving Tsun Pual Tang founder) (Chinese: 詠春; Pinyin: yǒng chūn; Yale Cantonese: wing2 cheun1) in mainland China) can be thought of as describing both the differing traditions and interpretations of Wing Chun, and the teacher/student relationships which perpetuate them. Some see lineage as a kind of pedigree which implies credibility depending on branch and seniority, while others deem it immaterial.

This family tree starts with the well known Yip Man family because of its size in the family tree as a whole. The many other known branches of Wing Chun follow, which is not meant to diminish their importance.

Branches of Wing Chun also represents an abridged listing, following Wikipedia list standards, showing only 3 generations in depth. For more complete listings for individual branches, please consult with a representative from that branch.



[edit] Reliability, context and conventions

There is no universally recognized sanctioning body for Wing Chun which governs certification of lineage, nor an unambiguous way of defining lineage. A student may be heavily influenced by many teachers, or even students of higher seniority. A student may have trained less time under one teacher, but identify more with the teachings of another. A student may also pass on an interpretation radically different from what they were taught.

Please visit individual school's web pages for more a complete listings of their branch/linneage, or contact a representative of that branch to question length of study in that branch.

This article uses no convention but instead relies on existing published family trees. As a consequence, the possibility of contradiction and inconsistency exists.

[edit] Yip Man branch

Yip Man was well respected by other martial arts instructors in Foshan and Hong Kong. He was the first person to teach Wing Chun to a wider public. After his death, many of his students formed separate schools. In some cases, instructors developed more systematic methodologies of teaching Wing Chun -- however, there is probably no substitute for direct hands-on transmission of the feel of the art. This has led to varying interpretations of the art.

Yip Man was well-known for having a very quick wit and an acid tongue. His teaching style, along with the very direct nature of the art and its despising of superfluous talk, infuses the art with a certain edginess. This is probably why Wing Chun is well-known for being split into many factions.

[edit] Chu Shong-tin (徐尚田)

One of the first Hong Kong Yip Man students and earliest living student of Yip Man. Start date: 1951

    • Chu Shong-tin
      • Ah Keung
      • Jim Fung - student of Chu Shong-tin since 1960
        • Graham Kuerschner
      • Lit Leung Yiu (Leo Lit)
      • Susana Cheuk Har Ho
      • William Lai

[edit] Ho Kam-Ming

Ho Kam Ming began learning from Yip Man in the late 1950s. In the mid-1960s, Ho opened his own school in nearby Macao, but returned to Hong Kong on weekends to train. Ho became a close friend of his teacher over the years. When Yip fell ill, Ho helped care for him. In the early 1990s, Ho relocated to Ontario, where his son opened a school.

    • Ho Kam-Ming
      • Augustine Fong (Fong Chi-Wing)
        • Daniel Chan (Tucson - Arizona)
        • Nancy McDonald (Arizona)
        • Brian Tufts (Phoenix - Arizona)
        • Dan Maricich (Tucson - Arizona)
        • Joy Chaudhuri (Tempe - Arizona)
        • Robert Lopez (Tucson - Arizona)
        • Dom Gilliam (Tucson - Arizona)
        • Adam Taylor (Bournemouth - England)
        • Alan Lavery (Lambertville - New Jersey)
        • Carina Cirrincione (Oracle - Arizona)
        • Charles Zarris-Vagts (Tucson - Arizona)
        • Chun Hay Liu (New York)
        • Kelly Szeto (Phoenix - Arizona)
        • David Bennett (Derby - England)
        • David Calderwood (Cave Creek - Arizona)
        • Dean Johnson (Phoenix - Arizona)
        • Edward Basile (Chicago)
        • Edward de la Cruz (Chicago)
        • Greg Allen (El Paso - Texas)
        • Horace Romero (California)
        • Jerry Post (New York)
        • Jonathan Booth (Balto - Maryland)
        • Jose Grados (New York)
        • Christian Pankhurst (Unknown - USA/UK)
        • Ken Harnish (Chicago)
        • Ken Weingart (Chicago)
        • Kurt Saenz (Albuquerque - New Mexico)
        • Lawrence McIntyre (Lake Bluff - Illinois)
        • Lee Keener (Port Hueneme)
        • Manny Vasques (Tucson - Arizona)
        • Oliver Van-Overbeek (Bournemouth - England)
        • Patrick Gordon (Ottawa - Canada)
        • Randy Chu (Tucson - Arizona)
        • Richard Iotti Verzuolo (Tucson - Arizona)
        • Rob Lewis Milton (Freewater - Washington)
        • Stephen Iacullo (California)
        • Terence Carling (Ottawa - Canada)
        • Tony Frighetti (Tucson - Arizona)
        • Tony Kariotis (Glenview - Illinois)
        • William Denny (Tucson - Arizona)
      • Buddy Wu
      • Jonny Wong
      • Lam Fat Ming
      • Randy K. Li
      • Rene Ng

[edit] Duncan Leung

    • Duncan Leung
      • Alan Lee, Lee Chee Kong (New York City)
      • Gorden Lu (Virginia Beach, VA)
      • Larry Saccoia (Virginia Beach, VA)
        • Joshua Shaw (Norfolk,VA)
      • Brian Edwards
      • Rohy Batliwala (Switzerland)
        • Christoph Hauch (Germany)
      • Robert "Doc" Savage (Ft. Walton Beach- FL)
        • Dustan Carroll (Huntsville, AL)
        • James Sasiton (Houston, TX)
      • Jerry Gardner (Salt Lake City - UT)
        • Bart Mann (Denver - CO)
      • John C Holzer (MO)
        • Steve Moreno
        • Jary Hudson
        • Donald Joyce
      • Joseph Musse ( New York)
        • Angel E. Mercado (NYC)
        • Ramon Diaz (Aguadilla - Puerto Rico)
        • Joseph Musse
        • Victor Morales
      • Mitch Ammons ( Greenville - NC)
      • Raul Zapata (New York)
      • Rohy Batliwala (Switzerland)
      • Steve Faulkner
      • Steven Leung (Las Vegas - Nevada)
        • Donald Kim
      • Wayne Goss (Glendale - AZ)
      • Willie Arroyo (New York)

[edit] Gwok Fu

Second student of Yip Man in Foshan, China.

    • Gwok Fu

[edit] Ip Ching

Yip Man's younger son. Start date: 1962

    • Ip Ching
      • Eric Li
      • Garner Train
      • Ron Heimberger
      • Sam Hing Fai Chan-Rey Garcia
      • Heinz-Josef Flecken Germany[htt://][2]
      • Russell Cichon (New York)
      • William Davidson (Manchester) (
      • Paul O'neal (AFS Wing Chun) Newcastle UK

[edit] Ip Chun

Yip Man's elder son. Start date: 1962

[edit] Leung Sheung (梁相)

One of the first Yip Man students in Hong Kong[1][2]. Start date: 1950

    • Leung Sheung
      • Kenneth Chung
        • Eddie Chong
        • Ben Der
        • Alson Yuen
        • Patrick Au
        • Hoover Chan
        • Bradford Louie
        • Sydney Wong
        • Mike Lam
        • Gate Tsao
        • Nelson Fong
        • Cliff Wong
        • Richard Vargas
        • Doug Eibeck
        • Dan Adachi
        • Jim Pieri
        • John Ho
        • John Adams
        • Art Rose
        • Eddie Oshins
        • Carl Decharria II
        • Caesar Julaton II
        • Ernie Nazareno Jr.
        • Jurgen Reinke
        • Jerome V. Braun
        • Yvonne Kerno
        • J.L. Shaw
        • Ray Van Raamsdonk
        • Juergen Heerdegen
        • Chuck Chan
        • Jack Moorman
        • Dan Lam
        • Dan Lau
        • Mars K Cheung
        • Humphrey Wong
        • Ng Wah Sum
        • Kathy Jo Connors
        • Mark Stoddard
        • Alan Ngai
        • Tim Tsang
      • Fung Hon
        • George Wong
      • Cheng Pak
      • Leung Ting (prior to study with Yip Man)

[edit] Leung Ting

created the "WingTsun" branch

    • Leung Ting
      • Allan Fong
      • Elmond Leung
      • Leung Kwok Wah
      • Keith R. Kernspecht
        • Allan Jensen - Former student of Keith Kerspecht, now head of Scandinavian WingTsun Organisation.
        • Emin Boztepe - Former student of Keith Kernspecht
        • Ralph Haenel - former student of Keith R. Kernspecht (Vancouver, Canada)
        • Simon Mayer - Bay Area, CA
      • Ingo Weigel - Chicago, IL
        • Jordon Varichak - Chicago, IL
        • Alice Toth - Chicago, IL
        • Julie C. Kong - Chicago, IL
        • Jonathan Wright - Chicago, IL
        • Keith Sonnenberg (Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ)
        • Norbert Maday
        • Robert Jacquet
        • Slavko Truntic (Zagreb, Croatia)
        • Steve Brandon (Billings, MT)
        • William Parker (San Antonio, TX)
      • Mike Adams (Bloomington, Illinois)
      • Nick Smart (Manchester, Uk)
      • Alex Richter (New York, NY)

[edit] Lok Yiu

One of the first Yip Man students

    • Lok Yiu
      • Allan Che Kong Lee (李志剛)
      • Ivan Lee
      • Lok Keng Kong - son
      • Lok Keng Sang - son
      • Wilhelm Blech - founder of ELYWCIMAA in Europe
      • Winston Wan (Canada)
      • Yau Sung Ying ()

[edit] Lo Man Kam 盧文錦

Yip Man's nephew

[edit] Lun Gai

First student of Yip Man in Foshan, China.

[edit] Moy Yat

Note: This branch seems to be empty because of an (unverified) request by Moy Yat's family. See Moy Yat and Talk:Moy Yat

[edit] Wang Kiu

Oldest living student of Yip Man (84 years old, 2007)

    • Wang Kiu, Joseph (private student of Yip Man)

[edit] William Cheung

Head of the "Traditional Wing Chun" (TWC) branch. Start date: approx. 1954-1955

    • William Cheung
      • Adam Laskowski
      • Alexander Srokowski
      • Alfredo Del-Brocco (no longer affiliated)
      • Anthony Arnette
        • Charlie Herrera
        • Louie DeBono
        • Jessica Williams
      • Andy Smith
      • Anna James
      • Blaine Collins (no longer affiliated)
      • Bob Shores
      • Bruce Lee
      • Bozidar Gabersek
      • Bobby Gabersek
      • Brian Lewadney (no longer affiliated)
      • Carlan Steward (no longer affiliated)
      • Chris Serras
      • Charles Boness
        • Angelo Foti
      • Costas Bochtis
      • Dana Wong (former TWC Chief Instructor, no longer affiliated)
      • Dan Brazitis
      • Danial Brown
      • David Cheung (Brother, no longer affiliated)
        • Garry Baneicki
      • Dave Flood
      • David Whitney
      • Del Fisher (no longer affiliated)
        • Michael White
      • Denis Shink
      • Derek Jones
      • Delroi Flood
      • Dimitri Exintavelonis
      • Dino Mantzas
      • Djore Kostovski
      • Dominic Bekes
      • Dominique Edmund (no longer affiliated)
      • Don Schouten
      • Eric Oram
      • Felix Rosado (no longer affiliated)
      • Gary Wilkins
      • Gary Young
      • George W. Vance (no longer affiliated)
      • Gian Luca Boccato
      • Ian Protheroe (no longer affiliated) [16]
        • John Poole (Holland Park, Brisbane, Australia)
        • Shaun Halley (Toowoomba, Australia) [17]
        • Scott Brennann (Gold Coast, Australia) [18]
        • Douglas Crowther [19] (Oslo, Norway)
        • Ray Solomon (Ashburton, New Zealand) [20]
      • James Kirkpatrick (no longer affiliated)
      • James Deaver
      • Jerry Bolding
      • Julian Sawyer
      • Julian Richardson (no longer affiliated)
      • Jan-Pieter Boekestijn
      • Jean Pierre
      • Joe Grepo (No longer affiliated)
      • Joe Moahengimo (no longer affiliated)
      • Joe Molnar (no longer affiliated)
        • Peter Atkin
        • Guy Bellman
      • Joe Sayah (No longer affiliated)
        • Alon Peterson
      • John Clayton 10th level (Traditional Wing Chun)
        • Shannon Moore 10th level
      • Julian De Boers (former TWC Chief Instructor, no longer affiliated)
      • Keith Mazza
      • Keith Young
      • Kostovski Jore
      • Kypros Andreos
      • Lawrence Hochobeb
      • Leszek H. Starybrat
      • Marc Pericaud
      • Marty Goldberg (no longer affiliated)
      • Michael Bottoroff
      • Mike Kraushaar (no longer affiliated)
      • Panagiotis Raptopoulos
      • Paul Elston
      • Paul Hartley
      • Peter Guy
      • Phil Holder (no longer affiliated)
      • Philip Redmond
      • Philip WALKER (no longer affiliated)
      • Randall J Sugrue (no longer affiliated)
      • Randy Kollar
      • Ray Tilley (no longer affiliated)
      • Raymond Mar (no longer affiliated)
      • Rick Spain (no longer affiliated)
        • Andrew Nerlich
        • Alfredo DelBrocco
      • Rhonda Bolding
      • Segvic Branimir
      • Sean O'Neil (no longer affiliated)
      • Steve Clegg
      • Steve Ruiz
      • Sonny Whitmore (no longer affiliated)
      • Tansel Ersavas
      • Tony White
      • Victor Parlati
      • Warren Stratulate (no longer affiliated)
      • Wayne Wright (no longer affiliated)
      • Yves Dantec
      • Zoltan Juhasz

[edit] Wong Long

Start date: 1956

    • Wong Long
      • Robert Yeung
        • Robert Tome
        • Bobby Cheng
        • Rodney Lam
        • Donald Li
        • George Asato
        • Don Swain (aka Chung Po)
        • John DiVirgillio
        • Art Kodani
        • Clif Lau
        • Richard Wong
        • Lawrence Miyashiro
        • Randy Sanches
        • James Sweet
        • Alan Vasquez
        • Basil Wong
        • James Tanaka
        • Wayde Ching
        • Kirk Saiki
        • Marcos Rivera
        • Dino Pertzoff
        • Embrey Williams
        • Gordon Caluya
        • Mike Konig
        • Ron Zelman
        • Thomas Perry
        • Mike Kitzer
        • Wayne Wong
        • Ted Hackbarth
        • Lenoid Nichols
        • Michael Mitcham
        • Hesh Goldstein
        • Gary Yokoyama
        • Ed Dumancus
        • Alex Yoshikawa
        • Garret Ho

[edit] Wong Shun-leung (黃淳樑)

Start date: 1954

      • Alan Gibson
      • Lawrence Leung AKA Leung Chi Sing AKA Big Leung
      • Gary Lam - Gary Lam was Wong's assistant instructor for 15 years.
      • Wan Kam Leung
      • Barry Lee
        • Fu-Shan Yang
        • Gino Torreblanca
        • Theodore Pasialis
        • Bill Dowding
      • David Peterson
      • Rolf Clausnitzer
      • Phillipp Bayer - Philipp Bayer was Wong's assistant throughout the 80's until Wong's death
      • Clive Potter
      • Attilio Reale - Attilio Reale trained 16 years under Wong until Wong's death

[edit] Other Yip Man Students

    • Lun Gai- The very first student of Yip Man in Foshan, China.
      • Mark Hobbs - Student of Lun Gai.
    • Gwok Fu- The second student of Yip Man in Foshan, China.
      • Lee Che Kong (Allan Lee) - student and an assistant instructor of Lok Yiu; later taught by Yip Man.
    • Chan Shing (Chris)
    • Hawkins Cheung
    • Fung Ping Bor (Derek) - Nicknamed "lightning hands". Teaches in New South Wales, Australia.
    • Chow Tze Chun - Master of Mak Kwong Kuen international wing chun institute
    • Kan Wah-Chit (Victor)
    • Simon Lau
    • Lee Che Kong (Allan Lee)
    • Bruce Lee
    • Wong Chok (Tsok)
      • Robert Yeung
    • Yip Bo Ching
      • Yip Jin Yau

[edit] Yiu Kai branch

  • Yiu Kai
    • Leung Keung
    • Wai-Po Tang

[edit] Jiu Wan branch

History Jiu Wan (招允; pinyin: Zhāo Yǔn) first taught Wing Chun at Jing Mo Gwun, a school in Foshan, China. When the Communists took over China, he moved to Hong Kong where he continued to teach.

Jiu Wan's relationship with Yip Man is controversial among students of both branches. Some students of Jiu Wan maintain 1 maintain he studied under his cousin and later under Yip Man. Yip Man students claim that as well. Jason Lau's branch of Jiu Wan 2 claim were kung fu brothers directly under Chan Wah Shun.

[edit] Gu Lo Village branch

Wong Wah Sam (Leung Jan art)

  • Fung Chun
    • Fung Chiu, Fung Keung, Fung Leung, Fung Sang, Fung Chu, Ng Chun Keung etc..
  • Fung Hoi
  • Fung Lim
    • Fung Sang, Lee Ding, etc..
  • Fung Kong
  • Fung Min
  • Fung Jau
  • Koo Lung
    • Fung Sang, Koo family
  • Etc.

Fung Chiu

  • Mui Wai Hun

Fung Sang

  • Fung Ming
  • Sung Chen

Fung Keung

  • Alfred Kwan
  • etc

Lee Shing 12 point version:

Fung Lim 22 point version

  • Chiu Fan Kai
    • Leung Wan Jee

Yim Sei 40 point version:

  • Tam Yeung
    • Kwan Jong-Yuen
      • Robert Chu

[edit] Pan Nam branch

[edit] Yuen Kay-San branch

[edit] Nguyễn Tế-Công branch (Vietnam WingChun 永春)

  • Nguyễn Tế-Công (阮濟云; Yale Cantonese: yun5 jai2 wan4; Yuen Chai-Wan) Older brother of Yuen Kay-San

Yuen Chai-Wan (Ruan Jiwan) was the fourth son of a Foshan Fireworks merchant and was thus also known as Yuen Lo Sei (Yuen the Fourth). Due to a childhood illness, he was also referred to as Dao Pei Chai (Pock Skin Chai). Yuen first learned Wing Chun Kuen under Fok Bo-Chuen and later continued his studies with Fung Siu-Ching. In Foshan, Yuen Chai-Wan taught students such as Yiu Choi.

In 1936 he was invited to teach Wing Chun in Vietnam, at the Nanhai and Shunde Expatriates Associations and moved to Hanoi, where he was known by the Vietnamese pronunciation of his name, Nguyen Te-Cong, and founded his first school. In 1954 he relocated to Saigon (Now, Ho Chi Minh City) where he established a second school. Among his students in Vietnam were Nguyen Duy-Hai, Luc Vien Khai (The Southern school), Tran Van Phung, Vu Ba Quy, Ngo Si Quy, Tran Thuc Tien (The Northern school) and others, whose disciples are continuing teaching Wingchun in Vietnam today.

Yuen Chai-Wan died in 1959 at the age of 82.

[edit] Way Yan branch (Jee Shim Weng Chun Kuen)

  • Way Yan
    • Lau Chi-Lung
    • Cheng Kwong
    • Andreas Hoffmann
    • Sergio P. Iadarola
    • Rafael Salomão
    • Cesario Di Domenico

[edit] Cho family branch

  • Cho Dak-Sang (曹德生; pinyin: cáo déshēng; Yale Cantonese: chou4 dak1 sang1)
    • Cho Chuen (曹全; pinyin: cáo quán; Yale Cantonese: chou4 chyun4)
    • Cho Man (曹文; pinyin: cáo wén; Yale Cantonese: chou4 man4)
    • Cho On (曹安; pinyin: cáo ān; Yale Cantonese: chou4 on1) - A contemporary of Yip Man said to be the person who introduced Yip Man to teach in the Hong Kong Restaurant Association, he relocated to Pulau Pinang, an island off the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia.
      • Cho Hung-Choi, who returned from Malaysia to Panyu village to undertake training with Cho Chuen
      • Yeung Gam-Jeung
      • Lau Soon-Yin (Mandarin: S.Y. Liu)

[edit] Wang family branch (Hung Fa Yi/Hung Suen Wing Chun Kuen)

  • Wang Ming
    • Garrett Gee
      • Benny Meng

[edit] Pao Fa Lien branch

  • Pao Fa Lien
    • Kwok Gai
    • Chu Chong
      • Chu Wing-Jee
      • Chu Ping
        • Mok Poi-On

[edit] Fut Sao (Buddha Hand) branch

  • Hsu Yun
    • Henry Leung (Chi Man)
      • James Cama

NOTE: This is an on going process of updating lineages and instructors. This is by no means a complete list of all branches or practitioners of Wing Chun.

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